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سمینار "معماری مهاجران – TRANSFER: Architecture by Migrants"

معماری مهاجران (ترنسفر)

TRANSFER - Architecture by migrants 

سمیناری از

آنا مارایکه وبر

دانشگاه آخِن آلمان

موضوع سمینار درباره مهاجران و معماری آنها در شهر و کشور مقصد (در اینجا آلمان) است و تأثیر این معماری از ریشه‌های گذشته خود و از سویی از بستر جدید خود را بررسی می کند. این سمینار حاصل پژوهشی است که در دانشگاه آخن آلمان در حال انجام است.

دوشنبه، 9 اسفند 1395، ساعت 17 تا 19 / دانشگاه تهران، پردیس هنرهای زیبا، دانشکده معماری، سالن نگارخانه / ورود برای عموم آزاد است

TRANSFER - Architecture by migrants

Lecture by

Anna Marijke Weber

RWTH Aachen University

Monday, February 27, 2017 – 17:00 to 19:00

Negarkhaneh Hall, School of Architecture, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran


Tel: 021 – 61112458



About the lecture:

Migration produces Architecture. The history of architecture is a history of transfer. Architecture is unthinkable without migration.

Along with human beings, their world of needs and ways of living, as well as spatial habits, technical and constructive abilities and individual and collective knowledge about architecture move to a new place. Through the variety of individual biographies, a large pool of transferred or remembered architecture comes together in the "new place".

The object of transfer is never an entire typology, but single spatial elements and principles, significantly forming the typology. These spatial elements and principles are confronted with the local conditions of the new place, they become complemented and ordered anew. This process of negotiation leads to spatial manifestations. New typologies develop.

The developing spaces are translocal, multicontextual and hybrid. They react to the remembered context, as well as to the physical place. Dependent on the actors, their demands and abilities, memories, ideas, material and construction elements, technical skills and knowledge, climate, vegetation, use and ritual become objects of transfer.

Culturally densified spaces are created as a unification of old and new, remote and close, collective and common, rules and appropriation. These spaces are used by many in everyday life.

TRANSFER is a collection. It shows an architectural richness in Germany, which so far has neither been named nor documented.

TRANSFER includes research, teaching and student self-build projects. It is located at the Chair for Building Typologies and Design Basic, Professor Anne-Julchen Bernhardt at RWTH Aachen. The project is headed by Anna Marijke Weber.